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Research & Development Engineer

November 2018 - Present

Achieved 510(k) approval as a Core Contributor to the design, development, and verification testing of first clinical Cherenkov imaging system.


  • Medical Device 510(k) 

  • Electrical and software R+D

  • Clinical Research

  • Device manufacturing

Selected Publications:

Hachadorian, R. L., Farwell, C., Gladstone, D. J., Bruza, P., Pogue, B. W., & Jarvis, L. A. (2020). Using Cherenkov Imaging to Verify Anterior Field Match Lines between Supraclavicular and Tangent Whole Breast Irradiation Fields. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 108(3), e322.


Alexander, D. A., Bruza, P., Farwell, J. C. M., Krishnaswamy, V., Zhang, R., Gladstone, D. J., & Pogue, B. W. (2020). Detective quantum efficiency of intensified CMOS cameras for Cherenkov imaging in radiotherapy. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 65(22), 225013.


Submitted: 3D Dose Delivery QA from Couch & Gantry Mounted Imaging" by Ashraf, Muhammad Ramish; Farwell, J Cedar; Alexander, Daniel; Zhang, Rongxiao; Gladstone, David; Pogue, Brian; Bruza, Petr

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