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Pizza Oven Trailer

ENGS 76: Structural Analysis

April 2017

Objectives: Design and build a portable, robust pizza oven seated on a hitch-mount trailer.


  • FEA for road loads

  • MIG welding

  • Modern structural methods

I designed a pizza oven based on specs to cook 3 pizzas at once. A trailer was selected and a steel frame was designed to support the oven during both cooking and transportation. Pizza oven frame was designed to withstand 20G horizontal crash and 3G vertical shock bump with no damage.

20G Crash

3G Bump


1.) Weld Foundation

Final Design:

3.) Construct Oven Body

2.) Lay Floor

4.) Insulate

5.) Plaster

6.) Make Pizza!

In use baking 100 of pizzas at the Dartmouth Organic Farm!

The Design.

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